SchemeCloud Smart Water Billing System

Our smart water billing system, SchemeCloud, is a MPESA integrated online-based system that enables automation of the whole water billing cycle. The system comes with all features that help in management of members records, meters, meter readings, bills, payments & generates reports.

Meter reading is done through an Android App and the data send to a web App that computes and sends invoices to consumers in real time via SMS. Consumers pay cashless via MPESA and the money transferred to the utility’s bank account real time, eliminating loss of money due to theft and corruption. Use of the Android App makes meter reading faster, while the automatic computation of the bills via the system minimizes errors to zero.

Utilities do not need to change their existing water metering infrastructure.


How It Works

SchemeCloud Features & Modules

  • Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) Compliant
  • Customer Registration
  • Management of customers’ records
  • Members’ portal accessible from your website
  • Customers’ meter management
  • Meter Reading & Billing
  • Management of Invoices & Payments
  • Payment records
  • Loan Provision-Payment of meter installation fee in installments
  • Receipt generation
  • Bulk Emails and Bulk SMS
  • Mpesa Paybill integration
  • Reports
  • Multi-User Environment
  • NRW Management
  • GIS Enabled Map
  • Integration with Other Systems & Devices